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Componative was founded in early 2001 with the initial goal of helping companies to develop enterprise applications. Since then Componative has been involved in numerous successful projects for both large multi-nationals as well as midsized companies focused on domestic markets.

Until recently, developing even a moderate size application was a costly endeavor, both in terms of product licenses and developer resources. Because of this, smaller companies could not afford to develop these applications themselves. Luckily, this situation has improved significantly ever since because of the rising number of (free) open source products and increased productivity of developers. Combine this with the more recent trend of inexpensive cloud-based services and it's possible to develop business solutions for a fraction of what it would have cost 10 years ago.

While this is good news, the flipside is that the business solutions needed for most companies have become more complex at the same rapid pace. For example, nowadays companies need to interact with customers via social media, mobile/wearable devices and allow them to pay in a growing number of ways. This still leaves smaller companies with the daunting task of trying to keep up with the latest developments and making smart choices to avoid becoming obsolete.

With these challenges in mind Componative has started to focus more on helping smaller companies to stay relevant without them having to become an expert in the latest trends in technology. After all, most companies were not started with the idea of spending a lot of their resources (being it time or money) trying to keep up with Google, Apple, Facebook and other big companies that are drastically changing the way companies and customers interact.

At Componative we strongly believe that smaller companies can compete with the big multi-nationals when it comes to making smart use of existing technology. These technologies should help them instead of being something that keeps them from focusing on their core business. So if your company is ready to get back to its core business without losing all the opportunities that are out there, don't hesitate to contact us to see what the possibilities are.